Things to consider

There are plenty of reasons to hire a professional, seasoned, reputable photographer to take shots of your listings for your listing.


A professional photographer can make your online curb appeal look as appealing as possible to buyers. But the process of finding the right real estate photographer means taking several factors into consideration, price, experience, reviews, ext.


You can try and take your own photos. but when it comes to getting shots of your listings, hiring a professional photographer is the way to go.


Look to other agents to see which have great real estate photography that makes their listings look attractive. Reach out to photographers to see if they know anyone skilled in architectural photography.

Another option is to do some research online to find real estate photography top photographers in your area.


Regarding price, professional photographers have expenses associated with their work. Though your photographer may give you digital files, they typically still own the copyright to the work, so speak with the photographer your interested in hiring about their licensing agreement and what you are permitted to do with the photos.


Photographers may charge for travel so get all of the pricing details out in the open before signing them on to take your real estate photos.


When you finally hire a real estate photographer, make sure you have agreed on everything that will be included in the shoot. For example, if there are specific areas of the interior and exterior, or amenities in and around the property you want highlighted, let the photographer know. This will prevent you from getting a final product you’re unhappy with.